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Single Vehicle Monitoring

ContiPressureCheck™ immediately detects any changes in tire pressure and temperature.

ContiPressureCheck™ is a direct measurement system fitted directly inside the tire. If the inflation pressure decreases, the tire might be subject to greater strain as it rolls, causing it to heat up, which can damage the tire or even lead to a blowout. ContiPressureCheck™ uses a sensor inside the tire to continuously monitor the inflation pressure and tire temperature to prevent this from happening.

For which vehicles is ContiPressureCheck™ suitable?

ContiPressureCheck™ is highly compatible and versatile.

  • Possible to retrofit on many vehicle types
  • Wireless radio technology* permits use in virtually all vehicle sizes and trailers
  • Works with pneumatic tires from 1.8 bar to 11.9 bar tire inflation pressure

ContiPressureCheck™ Parts & Kits

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ContiPressureCheck need different components and parts to make your tire intelligent. 

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ContiPressureCheck™ OE Integration of Sensor

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ContiPressureCheck can be easly interated into your vehicle. Check out the different possibilities.

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