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For Shuttle Cars, Scoops, and Face Haulers

Shuttle Cars, Scoops, and Face Haulers are mainly used in soft rock applications like coal mines for mineral extraction and transport. The loose underfoot conditions require tires with outstanding traction to move material as efficiently as possible. The travel distance can be quite long, which increases the temperature in the tire.

  • The Continental UndergroundMaster with V.ply technology offers an extremely high carcass strength.
  • The tread lug design guarantees a great performance and a good grip. Its reverse outer block direction improves lateral stability and driving accuracy, ensuring safe cornering even on loose soil.
  • An optimized tread width reduces tread block damage in room-and-pillar applications. Multiple tread edges offer maximum traction in turning maneuvers in all directions.
UndergroundMaster 38X16-15
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