Products for Commercial Specialty Vehicles

StraddleMaster on StraddleCarrier



Designed and developed for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).


Continental's new Port Plus compound reduces tire heat generation, minimizes wear and extends tire life significantly. In combination with the unique V.ply Technology it makes our tires even better.

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Outstanding deflection
  • Less costs


Technical details

Braker Layers

  • Up to 4 V.ply layers
  • Additional rigidity to tread area
  • excellent bonding element between the outer rubber tread and inner polymer structure

V.ply Pattern

  • Up to 20 layers of high-resistance polymer fiber a
  • Unique technology inspired by racing tire design
  • Less inner movement 
  • Low rolling resistance

Strengthened Sidewalls

  • Exceptionally strong sidewalls
  • Low deflection for high damping
  • Excellent driving stability
  • High protection against damage

Profiled Inner Bead

  • V.ply design is based on three wire cores
  • Even load distribution
  • Perfect rim fit

Product range

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