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Mine Trucks are mainly used for transporting ore to a conveyor belt or directly to the surface. Transport distances and grades depend very much on the mine layout. To be most efficient in transporting ore, machines with tramming capacities of 20 to 60 metric tons need tires with low heat build-up to travel longer distances at higher average speeds. 

  • Continental has developed a dedicated tire for underground Dump Trucks with a unique construction and pattern design.
  • The All Steel Radial technology of the Continental DumperMaster featuring a carcass construction with ratings of up to four stars combines low heat build-up and extreme high load-carrying capacity, meaning efficiency in hauling material within the mine.

Take a step into the future of tire management with the ContiEarth™ intelligent tires. Continuous tire monitoring will reduce tire related breakdowns and vehicle downtimes and increase the efficiency of the vehicle and your fleet.

All Continental Radial Earthmoving tires are equipped with premounted sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmit the information in real time to the ContiPressureCheck™ system. 

DumperMaster 26.5 R 25
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