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ContiPressureCheck™ is a direct measurement system fitted directly inside the tire. If the inflation pressure decreases, the tire might be subject to greater strain as it rolls, causing it to heat up, which can damage the tire or even lead to a blowout. ContiPressureCheck uses a sensor inside the tire to continuously monitor the inflation pressure and tire temperature to prevent this from happening.

ContiPressureCheck™ immediately detects any changes in inflation pressure or temperature. The sensor inside the tire sends the data wirelessly to the central receiver (central control unit – CCU), which processes the data, saves warnings and sends them directly to the display in the driver’s cab. As a result, the driver can immediately take corrective action and avoid a breakdown before it happens.

The technology is in the detail: The ContiPressureCheck™-sensor

ContiPressureCheck™ integrates sensors and a communication and processing system into a single module that is contained inside a rubber container and glued to the inner surface of the tire. The advantage of this system over sensors placed outside the tire is that it avoids measurement errors due heat radiation of the brakes.

ContiPressureCheck™ is quick, easy to install and it is robust and reliable. It is an inexpensive solution to automatically measure tire inflation pressure and it pays for itself the first time it prevents a tire breakdown. And that is without even taking into account any follow-on costs such as late fines, damage to public image or loss of sales or profits. So, the worst that can happen is not to have ContiPressureCheck™ on board.


Tailored applications

ContiPressureCheck™ is highly compatible and versatile.

  • Possible to retrofit on many vehicle types
  • Wireless radio technology* permits use in virtually all vehicle sizes and trailers
  • Works with pneumatic tires from all tire manufacturers from 1.8 bar to 11.9 bar tire inflation pressure

ContiPressureCheck™ is quick and easy to install. Mounting inside the tire guarantees greater data accuracy than comparable systems. ContiPressureCheck™ is compatible with all tire brands.


The ContiPressureCheck™ can be mounted on different vehicle types – regardless of the vehicle size.


Driving with the correct tire pressure can lead to significant fuel savings and increased tire mileage. Making your fleet more economical.


The ContiPressureCheck™ system helps avoid tire related breakdowns which can lead to costly downtimes, late fines, possible damage to public image and loss of sales or profits.


Running the correct inflation pressure lowers fuel consumption, reduces tire wear and as such protects the environment.

* Available in: EU (incl. Switzerland), Norway, USA
In progress:  Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Mexico
Roll out Plan 2015-2016: Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia