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EarthRoamer Outfitted with Continental MPT81 Tires Featured on ITV Show


  • ITV show “Gordon, Gino, and Fred’s Road Trip” explored the U.S. and Mexico in an EarthRoamer XV-LTS
  • Continental MPT81 tires are standard equipment on all EarthRoamer LTS builds due to their on and off road capabilities

Dacono, Colo. June 2, 2020. An EarthRoamer was the home away from home for Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix on this season of ITV’s show “Gordon, Gino, and Fred’s Road Trip.” Their “mammoth new set of wheels” was the perfect fourth cast member this season, and they dubbed her “Betty the beast.” Their journey included taking in the sights and culinary delights of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, with some extreme adventures and antics along the way.

Since 1998, EarthRoamer has been redefining luxury camping and overland travel with their solar/diesel hybrid, four-wheel drive Xpedition Vehicles (XVs). “Betty,” an EarthRoamer XV-LTS model, has a custom-built layout and upgrades including a two burner electric induction cooktop and an exterior kitchen, ideal for the three food lovers. All EarthRoamers offer capability, comfort, craftsmanship and convenience unmatched by typical recreational vehicles. To ensure EarthRoamers can explore any environment unbridled, EarthRoamer began offering Continental MPT81 tires as an option in 2009 and later included them as standard equipment on all EarthRoamer LTS builds.

“The Ford F-550 based EarthRoamer LTS is designed to be used both on highways and off road, and the MPT81 is the only tire that we have found that is comfortable at highway speeds, provides good traction on rough trails and can handle the weight of an EarthRoamer,” said EarthRoamer Founder and CEO Bill Swails. “In conjunction with our forged aluminum military beadlock wheels, it is the perfect tire/wheel combination for our vehicles.”

MPT81 tires are multi-purpose tires designed for high performance on and off road. A multi-functional tread design with three variations in tread depth enables unlimited mobility on any surface or terrain – whether muddy, wet, snowy or dry. A turtle shield design and high protection of the upper sidewall and shoulder area makes the tires robust and puncture resistant. Thanks to their reliability, MPT81s are used for fire and rescue operations and work applications such as forestry, construction and winter road service. The same characteristics make them high performers for the demanding needs of off roading, overlanding and expedition vehicles.

“Betty” is used in driving, cooking and camping scenes this season, and even leads a motorcycle gang in Arizona! To see “Betty” in action, watch “Gordon, Gino, and Fred’s Road Trip” on ITV. For more information on EarthRoamer vehicles and Continental MPT81 tires, please visit:

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