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Innovative Engineering: Continental Showcases Track and Tires at the Farm Progress Show


  • Continental present its comprehensive portfolio for the agricultural business at the Farm Progress Show
  • The TractorMaster and CombineMaster make their US debut

Decatur, IL. August 26, 2019. The technology company Continental presents its complete portfolio of agricultural solutions and services at the Farm Progress Show, August 27-29. Two new agriculture tires will be on display alongside the award-winning Trackman XP rubber track. Continental’s continuous commitment to innovative engineering and developing new technologies has led to a high performing agriculture line up.

Introducing the TractorMaster and CombineMaster: Built with N.flex Technology

Continental returned to the agricultural tire business in 2017 and the portfolio of available tires has continued to expand with new products and available sizes. Two tires will be making their North American debut at the 2019 Farm Progress Show, the CombineMaster and TractorMaster.

The CombineMaster is specially designed for harvesters and the TractorMaster is an advanced tractor tire. The CombineMaster has a hexa bead design for front axles that prevents slippage on the rim due to its strong and compact bead core, ensuring high torque and traction from rim to tire. Both tires feature d.fine lug technology, with 5% more lug surface area compared to standard tires and a smooth linkage between blocks and base. This technology makes the tires stress and damage resistant while providing high traction and better mileage.

Continental’s full line of radial agriculture tires is created with N.flex technology, featuring a carcass constructed out of a patent-pending nylon material. The material is flexible enough to absorb impact and return to its original shape without permanent damage. The Tractor70 and Tractor85 were introduced at last year’s Farm Progress Show and will both be on display again this year, in addition to Continental-owned General Tire bias agriculture tires.



Trackman Rubber Track Delivers Performance Where It Matters Most

Continental’s award-winning Trackman XP rubber track will be showcased at the Farm Progress Show. They are constructed with extreme durability to outwork, outlast and outperform. Its exclusive Anti-Vibration Technology combined with optimized tread design, reduces vibrations by as much as 70% versus standard track. This dramatically improves ride comfort while the special tread design maximizes traction.

Trackman XP rubber track feature fully molded drive lugs with Armorlug and Armorlug Ultra technologies. Embedded reinforced fabric layers improve performance and extend the drive lug life up to 30%. In addition, Continental track have four layers of MaxxTuff steel-cord reinforced carcasses with 50% more wires per inch. The patented galvanized steel cables are corrosive resistant and prevent premature weakness.

These design innovations are how Trackman XP are constructed for longer life and make them tough enough to take on today’s heaviest, most powerful tractors with confidence.

Continental is located in booth 103 at the Farm Progress Show.

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