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Continental - Solids History

Continental - Solids History

Milestones Solid Tires


The Beginning

First Super Elastic tires, which were produced by the original plant owner Louis Peter.

Acquisition of Louis Peter AG

Continental acquires the Louis Peter AG and takes over the plant in Korbach, Germany. The factory becomes 100% Continental. Over the years it is developing into the European production hub for Continental solid tires.

Introduction of POB

Elastic steel belt tires existed already on horse carriages before 1930s. As steel had a very limited availability during the world war II, Elastic tires with wire cords on cylindrical rims gained on importance even though it never was as famous and accepted as elastic steel belt tires.
Today’s POB tires, MC20 or MH20 follow the naming structure of “M” for massive, “C” for treaded tire (contour) and “H” for smooth tire.  

First revolutionary innovation

The first revolutionary innovation in the solid tire segment is the introduction of the Super Elastic (SE) tires for pneumatic rims. SE tires are characterized by a three-layer construction consisting of a base layer, an elastic middle compound and an abrasion optimized tread layer, which reaches all around into the sidewall.

Continental grouped the new SE tires under the umbrella of ContiSuperElastic and with it the industry wide familiar abbreviation CSE and synonym for solid tires was born.  

Introduction of CSE MiL

Introduction of Continental Super Elastic (CSE) MiL for use on small industrial tractors and for special applications.

First full year of SE production

After the introduction of CSE the production in Korbach ramps up and the factory notes their first full year of solid tire production.   

Introduction of CSE tires in Earthmoving

First Continental Super Elastic tire E3 in earthmoving applications.

Second revolutionary innovation

The second revolutionary innovation in the solid tire industry is written end of the 1970s, when Continental innovates the Snap-in-Tire (SIT) technology, which is officially registered July 21st, 1982.

It facilitates rapid SE mounting with no loose rim parts. This patented solution saves time and money since mounting requires just one press.

Up to today this is one of the most important and genius innovations in the solid tire industry.

Introduction of Clean and Antistatic Compounds

Beginning of Antistatic tire production, which were required by customers. Antistatic tires prevent the static charging especially in hazardous environments.

A clean compound, which leaves no floor markings on the ground was developed and from now on „clean tires“ were born. The main fields of industries are automotive industry food and beverages, computer and electronics, solar industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Introduction of CSE-Robust SC10

Launch of CSE-Robust SC10 SIT tires for pneumatic rims. The tire naming is based on the following structure: The “S” stands for Solid, while the “C” defines a treaded tire (contour). 

1,5 Mio CSE tires from Korbach

Production anniversary of 1,5 Mio CSE Tires in Korbach 

Introduction of CSE-Robust SC15

Product launch of the CSE-Robust SC15

First driverless transport system
Profilgate DTS
Profilgate DTS

Introduction of first driverless transport system (DTS) for industrial tire production in Korbach  

3,5 Mio CSE tires from Korbach

On March, 10th 2000 3,5 Mio CSE Tires have been produced in Korbach 

5 Mio CSE tires from Korbach

Production anniversary of 5 Mio CSE Tires produced in Korbach (tire dimension 355/45-15 SIT) 

Product innovation of CSEasy concept

Product innovation of CSEasy tire, first self-mounting solid tire. The CSEasy ushers in a completely new age in in mounting technology. From this point on, changing a tire does not require a mounting press any longer. The advantages are obvious: Increased cost efficiency, enhanced safety through simplified procedures and huge time savings.

Introduction of CSE-Robust SC20

CSE-Robust SC20 introduction for outdoor and indoor usage and as the successor for CSE-Robust SC15

Introduction of Barum Industry

Barum Industry introduction as Solid Quality brand  

Introduction of CSE-Robust SC18

CSE-Robust SC18 introduction with a strong selling focus for The Americas region (from Kalutara, Sri Lanka)

Joint Venture

Joint Venture with Eu-Retec (Pvt) Ltd from Kalutara, Sri-Lanka with 51% Continental share

Machinery innovations in Korbach

A world premiere was installed in our original and most innovative manufacturing facility in Korbach:  A bead winding machine (German: Wickelbodenanlage – WBA), that enables rubber compounds to be processed to tire bases. Multiple steel wires are winded to a core. These cores are placed on the base and the machines automatically covers the with the top layer. 

Introduction of ContiPT18

Introduction of ContiPT18 Press-On-Band (POB) tire from Sri Lanka production in Kalutara 

8 Mio CSE tires from Korbach

Production anniversary with 8 Mio CSE tires produced in Korbach 

Airport - Portfolio compilation
VF TractorMaster Hybrid with Tire Sensor
VF TractorMaster Hybrid with Tire Sensor

Compiling of product portfolio for the ground support and handling in airports as a mixture of solid and pneumatic tires.   

CSE compound upgrade
SC20 Mileage+ & SC20 Energy+
SC20 Mileage+ & SC20 Energy+

Compound upgrade and launch of Mileage and Energy CSE SC20 versions

Introduction of ContiLifeCycle

Introduction of a retreaded solid rubber tire using only casings that pass strict quality checks for a cleaner world

Introduction of CSE CS20

Newcomer CS20 launched as first solid tire with closed shoulders for an efficient and safe indoor use

Introduction of new “Plus Compound”

Introduction of new “Plus Compound” for solid tires 

Acquisition of Kalutara plant

Kalutara plant becomes 100% Continental Clean compound starts serial production for defined dimensions/applicat ions