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ContiEarth™ intelligent tires

Intelligent Tire Monitoring for Earthmoving application

Take a step into the present of tire management with the ContiEarth™ intelligent tires, saving the need for extensive manual checks and optimizing the life of your tires.

All Continental Radial Earthmoving tires are equipped with premounted sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmits the information in real time to a ContiConnect™ solution.

Your Challenges

Your Challenges

  • 1. Harsh conditions increasing the likelihood of tire failures
  • 2. Heavy loads that push the tires to their limits
  • 3. Lateral forces while cornering and operating speeds lead to high temperatures in the tires
  • 4. General vehicle operation leads to temperature increases which leads to increasing inflation pressure
  • 5. Lack of time for frequent manual tirechecks