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Our ContiLifeCycle plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Planning and preparation of the ContiLifeCycle retread plant started in mid-2011 with the planning of a new layout, equipment upgrade, and a new production management system. “After the ground breaking ceremony, we started upgrading the casing entry inspection and the usage of shearography inspection in order to guarantee that only high-quality casings are sent to the subsequent steps of the retread process,” remembers Manuel Ruiz-Ortega, former Head of Production and Research & Development Retread APAC. The next steps were marked by the modernization of the machinery.


However, equipment alone does not make a premium retread solution. In addition, highly trained and skilled people as well as reliable traceability, production and quality management systems are needed. So our complete workforce was assessed and retrained according to new, redefined quality standards. We developed a custom-made system which not only allows us traceability of our customer casings but also to trace essential quality-relevant parameters during the retread process. And we added means of lean manufacturing tools like Gemba Walk, 5S, and Value Stream Mapping.

This new set-up allows the ContiLifeCycle plant in PJ to act as a training center for ContiLifeCycle partners from the entire APAC region. Through our retread training center we are giving our new retread partners the confidence that Continental with the ContiLifeCycle retread solution is a reliable partner to secure their future business,” states Stanley George, ContiTread Process Specialist for the Asia-Pacific Business Region. “Before we allow an external retreader to use our pre-cured tread liners they must fulfill the Continental premium retread quality standards.” This includes a process and quality inspection of all stages of the partner’s retread plant. And, while visiting the plant our retread partners can gain an impression of Continental’s high retreading standards.