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Our Qualification Program ‘Drive Solutions CVT!’

The International Qualification Program ‘Drive Solutions CVT!’ is our investment into Continental’s most important asset: the people in our organization that will drive our change from Tire Manufacturer to Solutions Provider. This program is the first of its kind, bringing together eight people from six different countries to be ambassadors for digital solutions.


The first ‘Drive Solutions CVT!’ program kicked off in September 2016: twelve months of training to build up broad-based knowledge in digital solutions for transportation companies – attending workshops and training courses, and collaborating on projects. Within their market organizations, the candidates assume their role as change ambassadors and share their enthusiasm for the new strategic route; understanding the opportunities and challenges of the specific customer situation, building a network with the local colleagues and supporting them, and preparing the market entry for ContiConnect.


The ‘Drive Solutions CVT!’ pool is an outstanding representation of diversity for reasons more than just gender and nationality. The team has a wide range of expertise, including Six Sigma methodology, experiential marketing, tire and technical product sales, research and development, software and App development, and requirements engineering. Like we said: a program of its kind!