Products for Commercial Specialty Vehicles

Photo by Timney Rural Photography

MPT81 - Use Cases

The MPT81 is versatile and can be used for many different applications.

Continental MPT81 315/55 R16

Multi-Purpose Tires, or MPT tires, are designed for mixed on/off road use with the ability to perform in adverse conditions. The MPT81 has a flexible carcass allowing for on-road use and challenging off-road operations. MPT81 tires are often used on rescue vehicles because they can weather unpredictable conditions. Their unique tread design with a multiple block pattern can handle muddy, stony, snowy, wet, or dry terrain. This versatility also makes the MPT81 a reliable choice for work trucks and a high performing tire for overlanding and off-roading vehicles.

Photo provided by Terradyne.

Rescue and Police Vehicles

Ontario-based Terradyne produces a ballistic resistant vehicle, the GURKHA, which is available in three variants: LAPV, MPV and RPV. The GURKHA is used globally by tactical EMS, law enforcement and government agencies. These vehicles are available in multiple configurations including firefighting capability or a tactical EMS configured interior for extreme versatility.

At Terradyne, we pride ourselves on our quality, performance, and reliability. Performance is proven through destructive testing and the utilization of premium componentry. Continental MPT81 tires were selected to match our vehicle on-road speed, maneuverability under constant load, and off-road 4x4 all terrain capabilities.

Image provided by DBL Design.

Multi-Purpose Trucks

DBL Design is a pioneer in factory-inspired, military-grade severe duty upgrades specializing in truck conversions, wheels, and tires. The Texas-based shop serves a variety of industries around the world including fire and rescue, armored vehicles, utility vehicles, hunting, camping, farming, agriculture, surveyors, and government. In order to make the toughest trucks even better, they utilize MPT81 tires.

Image provided by EarthRoamer.

Overlanding Vehicles

Since 1998, Colorado-based EarthRoamer has been redefining luxury camping and overland travel with their solar/diesel hybrid, four-wheel drive Xpedition Vehicles (XVs). All EarthRoamers offer capability, comfort, craftsmanship and convenience unmatched by typical recreational vehicles. To ensure EarthRoamers can explore any environment unbridled, EarthRoamer includes MPT81 tires as standard equipment on all EarthRoamer LTi builds.

The Ford F-550 based EarthRoamer LTi is designed to be used both on highways and off road, and the MPT81 is the only tire that we have found that is comfortable at highway speeds, provides good traction on rough trails and can handle the weight of an EarthRoamer. In conjunction with our forged aluminum military beadlock wheels, it is the perfect tire/wheel combination for our vehicles.

Image provided by Skeeter Brush Trucks.

Brush Trucks

Texas-based Skeeter Brush Trucks builds high performance off-road fire apparatus. They know that wildland fires occur in the hardest places to reach and require a swift response – and that’s exactly what their trucks are built for. Since traction and stability over all types of terrain are critical, Skeeter Brush Trucks uses MPT81 tires because they perform exceptionally well in all environments, regardless of weather conditions. First Responders demand a lot of a tire, and when they go off road, they need a very tough tire. The MPT81 has proven itself to perform in their world.

Image provided by Andrew Muse Productions.

Featured End User

Andrew Muse is a professional multi-sport athlete, content creator, and social media influencer with over 1.3 million views on his YouTube channel. Andrew custom fabricated an expedition vehicle, the Muse Roamer, by building it from the ground up in a friend’s garage. The Muse Roamer project is the pinnacle of the Tiny Home/Van Life movement. The build was extensively documented and the Muse Roamer is outfitted with MPT81 tires allowing this home on wheels to keep up with Andrew’s adventures.